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Jackpot - juvenile hurdler

Don't get bamboozled on a day at the races - use our A-Z jargon buster to help you understand the lingo.

Presenting the letter J . . .

The Tote Jackpot comprises the second to sixth races inclusive. All five winners have to be nominated. Tickets are 50p each.

Jocked off
When one jockey is replaced by another on board a horse he usually rides or for which he has already been booked to ride in a particular race.

If two horses have the shortest odds in the betting, they are described as joint-favourites; if three or more horses have the shortest odds, they are co-favourites.

A colloquial term for the favourite in a race.

Racecourse official responsible for declaring the finishing order of a race and the distances between the runners.

A two-year-old horse. Every horse officially turns two on January 1, at the start of the second full calendar year following its birth e.g. a horse born in 2008 will turn two on January 1, 2010.

Juvenile hurdler
The youngest category of hurdler - juvenile hurdlers are those that turn four years of age (on January 1) during the season in which they start hurdling.