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Maiden - mug punter

Don't get bamboozled on a day at the races - use our A-Z jargon buster to help you understand the lingo.

Presenting the letter M . . .

A horse that has yet to win a race; maiden races are restricted to such horses, though sometimes the conditions of the race allow previous winners (e.g. maidens at closing, i.e. those that have not won a race up to the time the entries close),in which case penalties are allotted for later wins.

Maiden handicap
For maidens aged three or above that have run at least four times and have a maximum rating of 70.

Female horse aged five-years-old or above.

Market/betting market
A market is created, according to demand, by the prices offered for each runnerby bookmakers.

Median auction maiden
A race for two-year-olds by stallions that had one or more yearling sold in the previous year with a median price not exceeding a specified figure.

Middle distances
On the Flat, races beyond a mile and up to 1m6f are the middle distances. A middle-distance horse is one that runs mainly over such distances or is regarded as being suitablefor those distances.

Minimum trip
The shortest race distance: five furlongs on the Flat, two miles over jumps.

Slang for £500.

Mug punter
A member of the public who places ill-considered bets.